Bodies: The Battle Continues… And Keeps Going. And Going.

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Wow. What a difference, right? I was tempted to ‘snopes’ the image, but I don’t really doubt the difference between the ladies. And besides, adverts for face cream aren’t equal to ones catering to the Victoria Secret Corset-top, Size Zero. … Continue reading

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Kissness by Adnrey

Kissness by Adnrey.

One of the most intriguing, weirdest images of a kiss I’ve ever seen.  And what’s funny – as a woman with my own ways and thoughts and oddities as any other person would have (but completely different because I’m a rockstar and you just can’t get in my head, man…)

Whups, sorry for that little inner-42deep-thought moment.

Anyway, cool image!

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Quotable Moments

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  

-George Bernard Shaw

George, I knew you were a very smart man. You handed me just the reminder I needed this morning. Thanks for that. At first, I read your quote and immediately thought of the cheesy line from ‘Field of Dreams‘. It’s not so much a “build it and they will come,” but then again, maybe it is.

Create art and show it, and people come to see it or buy it, hold a concert and someone’s there, build a website, join twitter and start tweeting randomness and you gain followers, post on FB and someone reads it, even if they don’t comment.

But George – you forgot about the part that tells us what to do. Because, well… Gosh darnit, people have to know exactly what’s next or we might be to afraid to start! Imagination can exist without creation, but if you don’t let it out, where does it end up?

It stays there, in your head on a backburner far away until you remember that well… Gosh darnit, you don’t NEED to know what’s next – you just have to do it and find out! Shit, I better get started, I’ve got a LOT of things on backburners…

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Quotable Moments

“If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.”   -Napoleon

The universal life giving religion of Napoleon, if he had to choose, that is.

Nice, coming from the man who also (rightly) thought that religion ruled the world.  Religion is a touchy topic, most folk who have one fervently believe that theirs is the right and true way, the only way in some cases.  There are religions for pot smoking (Rastafarianism), the concept of slack, and all sorts of things.

I don’t know much about the history of Napoleon’s triumphs and travails – I’m sure there are plenty enough people who do. But you can’t argue that he wasn’t effective, or that he doesn’t deserve a place in history (that’s really about all I know).  But he makes an interesting point.

We choose or believe in religious or spiritual traditions because we think or know it’s a fundamental part of our being, of life-giving and taking, of morals and sins, of thankfulness and charity, punishment and derision.

I don’t have one of my own, just a mish-mash of little things I truly put my heart in.  It’s not definitively Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Taoist, Rasta-like or even Subgenius (click on ‘slack’ above).  But it’s my way.  Not “my way or the highway”.  Just my way.  And I appreciate my friends and family who respect that, even if their religions speak to them differently.

I hope you’re as lucky as I am.  And as Napoleon seemed to be, though he also seemed crazy, too.

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Quotable Moments

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

Mr. Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain

Sam, you are indeed a smart man. “The world owes you nothing.” You’re right, we’re not supposed to expect anything from the world around us. Does that mean we’re just lucky to be alive at all? Maybe. Really I think it’s just a statement you made to keep young’uns (or adults even) in line when they start thinking the world’s against them, or when folks get uppity about what they want or thought they’d get.

I can get really uppity, I know. I mean, so uppity I’m cussing up a storm for something I never should have expected in the first place. We all want things to be fair, a lot of us have questions that we want or need answers to right now. So why should I expect anything except for what I HAVE right now?

I quit worrying about fairness a long time ago, because I just got tired of complaining and finally realized it’ll all work out at the end. But uppity-ness is something I still have to work on. I can’t expect answers where there are none, I can’t expect immediate results from something I know will take a long time, but for whatever reason I still do. I still push for those two things in particular. I just hate waiting.

But, Sam, as you said, the world owes me nothing. Instead, I’ll have to work harder for my answers and maybe look in unexpected places – but I have to leave the uppity-ness behind. It’s just not fair to anyone, even the world.

It was here first.

Don't forget your towel...

The World

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Camping in a Wheelchair


Easter Weekend Camp-outs used to be an annual tradition in my family – not because we’re all that religious or anything.  Just ‘cuz it’s fun to spend a three-day weekend in the spring outdoors around a fire, singing and drinking and generally making fools of ourselves.

We’ve cancelled the camp-out several years in a row; some due to family health, others to the weather (spring tornadoes and thunderstorms LOVE popping up at the wrong time!) But this year, besides it being more chilly than expected, went off without a hitch!

Ooooh - an unsullied wheelchair aching to get out of her usual environments of home and doc offices!

Especially since this year I was camping in a wheelchair.

I’ve only had it for just over a month, but I was bound and determined to get out into the great outdoors, and push it to the max, and it was worth it!  Having a diagnosis like “Probable MS” means I have to be extra prepared – had to pack a bunch of medications, make sure I had everything I needed for my own health as well as the camp trip, and had to pack the gear in a much slower method than ever before just so I didn’t overdo it before we even got on the mountain where our favorite local camping spots are.  And lord, anyone who knows me knows how truly hard it was not to overdo it!


It was also a slower setup than usual, taking my time and letting others take over when I started to get too hot (if you’re not familiar with Multiple Sclerosis, then I’ll let you in on a tip: heat is one of our worst enemies.)  It also meant I didn’t have as much freedom to run around, but that was made better by getting waited on at meal times!  Plus, safer than falling down a cliff or something crazy like that – I love pushing myself to the edge sometimes.  <– Pun totally intended!

Slippery leaves and soft dirt, an incline from my tent site to our main cooking site made for some tough wheeling and dealing over the weekend, not to mention arms that felt like a worn-out Stretch Armstrong left me tired and crashing by the time we got home – but the camp-out itself was a huge success – for everyone that was there, and doubly/triply satisfying for me since I weathered two and a half days camping in a wheelchair, rock star style!

Rockin' and Rollin' in Roxy

Cora can't help but be jealous of my chair - actually, it was more likely that she just wanted a ride.


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Hello World!

Yep.  I’m one of ‘those’.

A newb.  To blogging, really.  Not to writing, intelligence, the tubes and googles nor the world.

So I’m starting off the easy way, by re-blogging a post from a guy whose stuff I like, at  You should check him out.  He’s got awesome art collections.  Oh!  And I bought his book (on the cheap for Kindle or kindle apps), and it’s gory and awesome.  Lotsa technopunk types.  It’s on Amazon, called “Suicide Artist” by Patrick Purcell.  Short story but good readin’. It’s what I just re-blogged about.

I’m not truly sure what will be the main theme of my blog.  I’m still working on that.  For now, I’ll just be perusing the webs, finding things that are irrelevantly awesome, weird and cool, and linking them here.


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Suicide Artist by Patrick Purcell; Burnt by Selficide


Tentacles… of crime.

Well, okay, so there aren’t any tentacles in this image, nor in the text of the ebook, available here.  But, honestly, I’m the lone admin of this blog–do you think I’d pass up the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote my first online publication?

From the self-written Product Description:

“In the future, we will upload our minds into masterplates. In the event of death, we can download ourselves into our own biofabricated replicas. As a species, humanity shall become functionally immortal.

“Suicide Artist is a near future noir about a compulsive cutter named Jan Eyesenck and his hired cinematographer. Together they create an independent video and distribute it to the illegal snuff market, offering millions of jaded viewers a glimpse at something new—suicide as performance art.

“After the success of his first video, Jan is approached by a shady producer willing to finance ten more. But before…

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