Hello World!

Yep.  I’m one of ‘those’.

A newb.  To blogging, really.  Not to writing, intelligence, the tubes and googles nor the world.

So I’m starting off the easy way, by re-blogging a post from a guy whose stuff I like, at tentaclesdaily.wordpress.com.  You should check him out.  He’s got awesome art collections.  Oh!  And I bought his book (on the cheap for Kindle or kindle apps), and it’s gory and awesome.  Lotsa technopunk types.  It’s on Amazon, called “Suicide Artist” by Patrick Purcell.  Short story but good readin’. It’s what I just re-blogged about.

I’m not truly sure what will be the main theme of my blog.  I’m still working on that.  For now, I’ll just be perusing the webs, finding things that are irrelevantly awesome, weird and cool, and linking them here.



About bdbecky

I like cool things. But my definition of cool is prolly different/cooler/weirder than yours. Or maybe not.
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