Quotable Moments

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  

-George Bernard Shaw

George, I knew you were a very smart man. You handed me just the reminder I needed this morning. Thanks for that. At first, I read your quote and immediately thought of the cheesy line from ‘Field of Dreams‘. It’s not so much a “build it and they will come,” but then again, maybe it is.

Create art and show it, and people come to see it or buy it, hold a concert and someone’s there, build a website, join twitter and start tweeting randomness and you gain followers, post on FB and someone reads it, even if they don’t comment.

But George – you forgot about the part that tells us what to do. Because, well… Gosh darnit, people have to know exactly what’s next or we might be to afraid to start! Imagination can exist without creation, but if you don’t let it out, where does it end up?

It stays there, in your head on a backburner far away until you remember that well… Gosh darnit, you don’t NEED to know what’s next – you just have to do it and find out! Shit, I better get started, I’ve got a LOT of things on backburners…


About bdbecky

I like cool things. But my definition of cool is prolly different/cooler/weirder than yours. Or maybe not.
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