If’n ya wanna know a little bit:

I’m awesome.

Love is all you need... or so they say.
Taken at a silent protest against the KKK in Athens, AL.

Yeah, I said it.  Whatcha got to say to that? 😉

Anyway, I started this blog because I got tired of sitting at home trying to find cool ways to occupy my time.  I’m too young to be retired, too old to.. well, never too old for anything, but I do have “Probable MS,” so I get a lot of quality time with Roxy, my wheelchair; Cora, my pup, and Ava & Otis, my two kits that are brother and sister and couldn’t look any more different from each other.

My sweet Cora, heart and all.


Precious angels when they're sleeping... devious bird snatchers when they're hunting!










I play around in reading politics, then spend an inordinate amount of time cussing politicians, read a lot of books, and do enough medical research that my Nurse Practitioner won’t stop bugging me about trying on Nursing School.

I’ve got a hard earned Bachelor’s in Sociology, and tried on a year of grad school for Acting, one of my top passions and skills.  I sing in an awesome band (Turner Family Band), have a lot of very cool friends, and I try to stay active in our local arts community at Lowe Mill.

What else do you wanna know?



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